10. Ethan Mars - Heavy Rain
The animation of Ethan Mars' sex with his girlfriend Madison Page, looks pretty good. It seems so if you do not peer into the face of the protagonist. Just look at his wide-open mouth, closed eyes, and a face that testifies to us that he no longer thinks about any son. Of course, Ethan is far from first place with his face, but he gets tenth place in this top.

9. Denise Robinson - GTA: San Andreas
"What the Fuck" - Karl would say now, and he would be right. CJ was unlucky with a half since her face during sex is merely disgusting. It is worth noting that this scene can be seen in an intimate element of GTA: San Andreas called Hot Coffee. Luckily for all of us, Hot Coffee was cut from the final game. However, if desired, gamers can find a way to re-enable this mode and see everything with their own eyes.

8.CJ - GTA: San Andreas
Well, since we have already managed to make fun of CJ's girlfriend, it's time to mention the sex hero himself. When he is having fun with his girlfriends, Karl's face resembles the physiognomy of the character in the movie "American Werewolf in London" during his transformation into a werewolf. It seems that the jaw of the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas is about to fall off, and his eyes will be bloodshot. It isn't easy to imagine what CJ is experiencing at this moment.

7. The main character - Dragon Age: Origins
BioWare employees are notable fans of video game sex. In Dragon Age: Origins, they proved it once again. When our character decides to make love to one of the heroines, his face's facial expressions are unique. It feels like he is slowly falling asleep. The eyes go somewhere to the left. There is something more enjoyable there than the forms of his partner. Be that as it may, Dragon Age: Origins only comes in seventh place.

6. Zither - Far Cry 3
The sex scene of the protagonist of Far Cry 3 with Citra can only be observed when choosing an inevitable ending. As the hero's long-awaited delight, this moment is terrifying, right before our eyes, is replaced by disappointment. Instead of just making love, Citra kills our character, getting the main one from him. The flowing bloodstream only enhances the overall impression while watching this scene.

5. Alma - F.E.A.R.2
During sex between Beckett and Alma, we can often observe changing images that take us to one place or another. But I would like to dwell on the scene of the characters' amorous pleasures. Alma's naked body often flashes on the screen, which is replaced by a decayed corpse. It is nothing surprising because everyone who has watched "The Shining" knows that to believe naked young beauties in no case - they turn into "carrion."

4. Lucas - Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy
This scene perfectly demonstrates that the absence of facial animation during intimate moments is even worse than having it. If we just see Ethan's blissed face in Heavy Rain, then in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, we are offered to look at the emotionless Lucas Kane. Just look - he doesn't even open his mouth when he kisses.

3. Dirty demons - DmC: Devil May Cry
This is why Capcom allowed the developers to add a stunningly silly demon sex scene to DmC: Devil May Cry. Not having time to see how Dante's hands turn to stone, we are shown this ... This scene, without a doubt, is the stupidest and worst in the game.

2. Puppet - Ride to Hell: Retribution
Ride to Hell: Retribution is a terrible game in all respects. Gameplay, dialogue, animations, and everything else is just disgusting. But even more terrible is the sex scene between the characters. As soon as the hero saves one girl, she decides to thank him, after which what can be seen below happens. It looks like the developers forgot about facial animation when they made this part of the game. It seems that the hero is frolicking not with a girl but with a puppet.

1. Garrus - Mass Effect 3
Garrus is by far one of the most memorable characters in the Mass Effect universe. But the external features of this hero are very different from human ones. The sex scene with Garrus in Mass Effect 3 is probably superfluous. Garrus's mouth opens in four directions and contains razor-sharp teeth. It is certainly not recommended for a person to kiss such a creature.