Etched Memories

This combination has never been in our memory: the game combines a story-driven horror genre with a simulator of a cat named Biscuit. The cat finds himself in a terrible forest, where he must solve riddles to find out some dark past. The excuse "I have paws" will not help.

The Legend of Karl

Fantasy platformer fighting game with the ability to use a sword, fiery fists and pistols.

Super Raft Boat

Rogue-like game about a small raft that needs to be protected from approaching enemies. The raft can be increased and completed. There are several characters to choose from.


2D space strategy game where you control a large-scale ship. It can be modified, expanded, hired other units, and so on.


A fighting game in which there are two other bars allows you to teleport and hide, and the other to activate rage. This is a beta version of the game.

Sporadic Spire

А tower defense game. The uniqueness of this project lies in the generator of maps that are created automatically.