In 2008, two college graduates in the United States who apparently watched the adult animated series South Park released the porn game BoneTown. The project was also inspired by the controversial Hot Coffee modification for GTA: San Andreas, which caused Rockstar to get into legal trouble. Now, an updated version of BoneTown is back on Steam.

BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition promises to be much more depraved than the first release. Developers at D-Dub Software note that Steam now allows much more adult content in games than it did 8 years ago, so players will be able to sleep with "any girl at any time."

The developers have not yet revealed what other changes will be in the new edition, but promise to share details until the release, which will take place this summer.

From the description, it can be learned that BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition will offer 25 sex positions, over 200 different voices for hundreds of male and female characters, 15 large levels and over 80 types of weapons, including beer kegs and whips for comfort.