Rekt: Crash Test is a free version of the game REKT! High Octane Stunts, where players need to drive a car or something else with wheels and do stunts. Points are scored for a bunch of tricks and other dangerous somersaults.

Leaf Blower Revolution is a simple project that will help you relax and let off steam. All you have to do is collect the fallen leaves. Or you can not manage, but inflate them across the screen. The game has upgrades, rakes, blowers, and other items to play around with leaves.

To Be Headed Or Not To Be is a co-op game in which you and a friend have to use your brains. In a literal sense: players can separate their heads and throw themselves at it. The project offers to solve riddles and get out of quest rooms.

These Nights Alone is a visual novel with elements of a quest in which the player takes on the role of a woman who recently lost her husband. Before his death, he wanted to tell his wife something important, so the player is sent to investigate.

Wing of Misadventure is a hand-drawn MMORPG with 20 characters. The game has a class system, a storyline, more than 10 types of loot quality, and a companion system.