TaleWorlds Entertainment reported that Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will be released a day ahead of schedule. The developers said that within two weeks after the release of the game it will be possible to buy at a 10% discount, and the owners of the first part will receive an additional 10% discount.

  The studio shared other details about Bannerlord. In single player, you will have access to custom battles and story campaigns. During the campaign, you will do most of what you expect from Mount & Blade, including creating a character with his own story, exploring the vast continent of Calradia, hiring satellites, creating armies, and so on.

  As for the multiplayer, it will be available in four modes: Skirmish, Captain, Team Deathmatch and Siege. Together with the updates, the developers intend to introduce new features, and closer to the release there will be support for private servers.