Polish studio A2 Softworks has announced the launch of a phase of closed alpha testing of the cooperative action-adventure RPG Gatewalkers. In order to participate, you must subscribe to newsletters through the official website. After confirming the mail, you will receive an activation key on Steam.

  In the alpha version, players will have the opportunity to explore the icy terrain, not previously shown to the public, with new survival mechanics, monsters, the boss. In addition, an expedition will be presented in alpha, which you can only finish together with other players.

  “The new alpha tests are an important step for us,” said Andrzej Stroinsky of A2 Softworks. “We are constantly making many changes and improvements that could not have been made without the contribution of those for whom they are most important - the players. We would like to thank them all for their support! ”

  Gatewalkers will be in early access in the second half of 2020.