The Catmino modder has published several files that allow you to change your sex partner to Silverhand.

Johnny himself has several sex scenes in the game, but only when the player controls him. The modder's version allows you to "mix" Johnny and V.

To use this mode in the game, you need to download the mod itself and install it as follows:

  • Unpack the archive with the mod
  • Move the content along the Cyberpunk archive pc patch path, place the required file with the .archive extension there.
  • Start the game.

Johnny's model and other characters can be found there. At the same time, for now, Silverhand is presented only in clothes, does not speak in his own voice, and he also has some mistakes. According to the modder, he even has a character model for Hideo Kojima as a ripperdock, but he hasn't released it yet due to flaws.