Reddit users liked the post not only for the attached message but also for the hilarious comparison of the two cosplays. Indeed, in the first frame, the author, under the pseudonym CyperianWorkshop, apart from jokes, instead of the hero's costume, is wearing jeans over a black T-shirt, and instead of a mask, a tied T-shirt, and a bandana. At the same time, a novice cosplayer is holding an ice cream in his hands.

The second frame shows how much the cosplayer has grown in 7 years. His Sub-Zero costume is already replete with every possible detail. In the comments, they also noted that the same thing happened to the game over the years of its growth - at first, the famous character also looked somewhat clumsy.

First and last cosplay of Sub-Zero I made - never stop doing what you like - Cyperian workshop from r/gaming