PC gamers are asked to help combat the threat of the coronavirus COVID-19. For this, researchers need unused computing power. According to the portal gamesindustry.biz, the Folding @ home project will allow developing methods for treating a disease from which over 9,000 people have died so far.

“The data that you help us generate will be quickly and openly disseminated through open scientific collaboration among several laboratories around the world, providing researchers with new tools that can open up new opportunities for the development of vital medicines,” said Greg of Folding @ home Bowman.

Research is aimed at understanding how the virus interacts with human host cells and developing new antibodies to destroy it. Folding @ home intends to make the data readily available to researchers and the public.

“Although modeling datasets for use or analysis by others are published quickly, we aim to look for alternative conformations and hidden pockets in the most promising drug targets that can only be seen in the simulation, and not in static X-ray structures,” said chemist John Choder.

To help in research, just download a special application from the official website of Folding @ Home.