An update was installed on the main servers of the multiplayer shooter Overwatch, which adds another character to the game called Echo. As the developers said earlier, this is the last hero of the first part, and before the release of Overwatch 2 you should not wait for new ones anymore.

Echo is a damage hero with the following abilities:

- Triple Shot (Main Attack) - Echo fires three shells in a triangular configuration.
- Velcro bombs (extra attack) - Echo fires a line of Velcro bombs that explode after a short delay.
- Flight - Echo makes a jerk forward, after which it can fly in any direction.
- Directional beam - Within a few seconds, the Echo projects a beam that deals significant damage to targets that have less than half their health.
- Planning (passive) - During a fall, Echo can plan.
- Duplication (ulta) - Echo copies the enemy hero and can use his abilities.