Spoiler alert!

Call of Duty: MW2. Death of Roach and Ghost

Modern Warfare 2 was released in 2009 but is still considered by many to be the best Call of Duty title ever. Having started the game, we immediately find ourselves on a crazy attraction filled with exciting situations. However, the primary impression was by no means the White House's capture, wild races on snow scooters and not even the famous "Not a word in Russian" mission. There is hardly anything in the game that compares to a moment of betrayal full of unexpected drama.

In one of the final missions, we make our way into the Russian terrorist Makarov house, but instead of the owner, we find a lot of exciting information copied to disk. Having reached the evacuation point, we give the disk to the US Army General Shepard, but the ally suddenly grabs a pistol and shoots at the main character Roach and his partner Ghost. Further, the shocked player is left with tears welling up in his eyes to watch as the bodies are thrown into the pit and poured with gasoline under the screams of Captain Price sounding on the radio: "Shepard is a traitor! I repeat: Shepard is a traitor! "
Roach is injured but still alive, and the player hopes that the "god from the car" is about to come and save the protagonist. However, Shepard takes one last drag and sends the lit cigarette in our direction with a snap of his fingers. The flame flares up and burns the hope of salvation to ashes. Roach and Ghost are gone.

SOMA. Personality copying and self-identification

At the beginning of SOMA, our hero is sent for a brain scan, damaged after the accident. But, sitting in a medical chair and closing our eyes, we wake up already at a new and too gloomy station, without the slightest understanding of what is going on at all. Our path will be full of existential questions and will lead to the knowledge that humanity has disappeared, and the hero is not the same person who came to the doctor. Now he is just a copy of consciousness, placed in someone else's body.

Very soon, a female voice, once belonging to a scientist in the flesh, will contact us and ask to save the "Ark." This is a small device where copies of the minds of many people are stored in the virtual world. By sending it into space, we will preserve what is left of humanity - personality and thoughts.
Having overcome many dangers, in the finale, we copy our personality and the personality of a scientist to the "Ark" and launch the disk into space. But the main character forgets that copying does not mean being transported. Yes, their duplicates will soon awaken in the world of "Ark" and, perhaps, will be as happy there as possible. However, those who have come such a long way, full of nightmares and moral choices - are left to die in a doomed reality.

This incredibly emotional and full of sad moment generates a lot of philosophical reflections that the player is unlikely ever to forget. It is not for nothing that SOMA's storyline is considered one of the best in the gaming industry.

MGS 3. Death Boss

Hideo Kojima has created very rich lore for MGS, full of convincing, elaborate, and unusual characters. But the most critical role in this universe is played, perhaps, by the Boss, the mentor of that very Nakid Snake, who later became Big Boss. Without her, there would be no Diamond Dogs or Cipher, and the whole world would be completely different.

The Boss, whom he calls Joy, Voivode, Mother of Special Forces, is a real legend. Only in Snake Eater, she commits treason, breaking the heart of Snake and many other soldiers. We spend the whole game with this unpleasant feeling of deception, and only in the end, we learn that the Boss is still on our side. Her mission was to infiltrate the enemy camp and steal the "Philosophical Heritage" - 100 billion dollars and the list of all members of the secret organization "Philosophers".

Alas, the Boss's task implies her death - execution for "betraying" her homeland. Only this fate will make it possible to avoid an international scandal and a new war. The arbiter of destinies goes to Snake, and at the end of the game, aiming at the Boss with her weapon, the player has to pull the trigger.

At this moment, a person is born who does not want to serve world governments and play political games. A person is born who will go from hero to villain and shake the world with his radical ideas. Big Boss is born.