Spoiler alert!

Metal Gear Solid 5. The place where the Boss breaks

There are many claims to Phantom Pain, but one cannot argue with the fact that it impresses with every cut-scene and in some places touches the most gentle strings of the soul. The completion of the Paz story arc, dancing in the rain with the Silent One, and the dramatic finale of her story - all these moments can be safely added to the treasury of the most vivid gaming impressions. However, it was the quarantine episode at the base that made the players shed the most tears.

According to the plot, we are fighting against voice parasites that kill the speakers of a specific language, and it seems that we are winning. But the bad news is reported from the base: the disease has returned, quarantine has been introduced. Having put on a mask, we carefully enter the infected space.

Our comrades in arms, losing their minds, are lying on the floor, the walls are covered with blood, everyone we meet is clearly out of order. It is no longer possible to cure your fighters; you can only prevent the disease from spreading. Now Big Boss must make the only correct decision - to kill everyone.

Treading on the cordoned-off territory with raised weapons, we brutally shoot fighters that endlessly trust us, consider a legend, and practically a god. "Boss, you finally came. What are you doing? Are you kidding?" - with these words, some oncoming people accept death, forcing the inner world of the Boss (and the player himself) to shrink with each bullet fired.

This scene reaches its climax when we get to the locked room, where our comrades already know: they cannot get out alive. They are drawn to the string, salute and await their fate with the words "We live and die by your order, boss". Shot. Another. And more - until the room is filled with corpses.

Later, at the farewell ceremony, the Boss makes the iconic speech: "I will not give your grief to the impassive sea. I will always be with you. You can take root in me. I will not allow you to remain ashes. You will become diamonds. We will make diamonds out of their ashes and take them with us into battle. We will remain Diamond Dogs."

BioShock Infinite. Who is Booker DeWitt?

The very first glimpse of heavenly Columbia makes your heart stop, but the most impressive moment of BioShock Infinite will open only to those who make it to the finale. Throughout the game, we piece together a puzzle that reveals the meaning of what is happening. Still, only the beautiful companion Elizabeth, right before the credits, will show the full picture to us.

The monstrous truth is that the protagonist Booker DeWitt and the creator of Columbia, tyrant Zachary Comstock, are the same person, only from different realities. One day, having repented of his past sins, he decided to be baptized. But our hero changed his mind at the last moment and later sank to the very bottom of life, selling his daughter Elizabeth for debts. Comstock completed the rite, later becoming the leader who built the air city and took Booker's daughter into his universe.

Shocked, Booker realizes that the only way to correct all of the crimes committed by Comstock (that is, himself) is to die at a critical point in his life before he can be baptized or abandoned. In this scene, dozens of Elisabeths from different universes drown the protagonist in the river, and all the realities in which Comstock existed are erased.

The final chord of the game leaves the player completely devastated, but this is the ending that is the best that could have happened.