According to Takano, he did not expect such a reaction - even non-gaming publications like The Guardian supported the hype. The art director was especially surprised that someone found the giant vampire sexy: "Personally, I was struck by the comments in the spirit of" I want her to haunt me. "

Why did the fans like Lady Dimitrescu so much? Columnist Emily Gaudette, who writes for Glamor, Polygon and others, tried to answer this question.

“Like any good character that makes people horny, [Lady Dimitrescu is] a combination of a bunch of different niche fetishes,” says Emily Gaudette, a pop culture and relationship columnist who has written about the intersection of kink and pop-culture. “Obviously, she’s a vampire, and the fantasy of being devoured or consumed by a vampire is classic at this point. They desire something taboo about you – your blood, your life force – and they have to hurt you to get it, but the ecstasy of having your blood drained is always framed as sexual.”